Snow Baller

Snow Baller 1.5

Save Santa Claus from the evil elves in this fun game

As the best Snow Baller in the business you have been drafted in to make sure all the Christmas presents arrive safely. The elves are hiding around the street but every so often they pop up, Can you spot them and hit them with a Snow Ball before they disappear once again.

When you have thrown a snowball you must wait until it splats before you can throw another one. You must hit all the elves before Santa arrives at 12 midnight. If you don't there will be a lot of Sad Children this Christmas.

Some of the game features:

  • Christmas graphics
  • Lots of Christmas tunes which can also be used for datebook alarms
  • Stylus controlled snowball aiming
  • Addictive gameplay
  • High Score table
  • Santa in a Snowstorm (Have a look at the Programs 'About' page)
  • Lots of evil elves to SPLAT
  • It's completely free

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Snow Baller


Snow Baller 1.5

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